Utility Box in Front
Elegant Chrome Bezel
Premium Body Finishing

Greta Evespa Electric Scooter

A Ride designed especially for Indian Roads.
Get a full charge in under 2.5 hours for a ride of 100kms.
With a 3-year battery warranty, save on commute costs
with just Rs. 0.20/- per KM on Greta Evespa Electric Scooter.

Key Features

Let’s take a look at the features that set Greta Evespa apart.
the affordable stylish ride
Greta Evespa Electric Scooter is available in 7 attractive colors. Turquoise Blue
is an Evespa exclusive.


Turquoise Blue

Superb Yellow

Rose Gold

Candy White

Jet Black

Scarlet Red

True Blue

What Our Happy Customers Say

At Greta Electric Scooters Customers come first. Every feature and improvement is in
response to customer feedback or ask. As a customer-driven company, we listen.
We aim for customer delight, and customer satisfaction is the norm.

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