Raj Mehta

Innovator, Entrepreneur

The youngest Founder of an Automobile Company.
At 12, Raj Mehta invented a battery-operated bicycle all by himself, marking the first step of his journey to set up a company called Raj Electromotives.

At 15, he started Raj Electromotives to manufacture and sell conversion kits for converting pedal-operated bicycles, pedal rickshaws, tricycles for the specially-abled & bikes (India’s first-ever Retro Fitment kit for converting Petrol Bike to Electric) to electric.

His vision is to make transportation affordable while reducing the global carbon footprint globally was the motivation behind starting Greta Electric Scooters in June 2019, a subsidiary of Raj Electromotives engaged in Manufacturing
of Electric Scooters.

Greta Electric Scooters

In June 2019, to augment his vision of making commuting affordable and easy while creating solutions with no carbon footprint, he laid the foundation of Greta Electric Scooters, a subsidiary of Raj Electromotives, engaged in the Manufacturing of Electric Scooters.

Greta Electric Scooters is his second initiative toward a greener planet. In line with Raj’s vision to make EV Scooters available and accessible to the largest possible audience, Greta Electric Scooters come with the state of art features at affordable prices.
Market response to Greta Electric Scooters has been excellent. In a short period, it has made its presence in Europe & Nepal.

Greta is the first EV Vehicle to have a showroom at the World’s Highest Altitude in Leh, Ladakh.

Started with a mere funding of 8,000 for Raj, the journey has just begun. While focusing on product enhancement, he follows his passion to work on ways and revolutionalize mobility across sectors.


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Charging Station


Meters above sea level the world’s first highest EV Charging Station.


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Our Mission

To make the commute easy & affordable for the largest audience with zero carbon footprint.
Our Core Values
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